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The Power of Praise

Praise God

I recently was invited by a friend to go to a 'Praise Prayer Day.'

My initial answer was NO, I'm not into that type of praying. My friend was very persistent, so I eventually made up my mind to go, not without reservations. Driving to the Drummond Hotel from Belfast is a good hour and a half drive, so this gave me the opportunity to pray about this, why did I feel so agitated? I started my prayer as I usually do with plain old conversation with The lord, expressing my feelings of aggravation and unrest. During my prayer with The Lord it became clear to me that I was being attacked spiritually. St.Michael is always a great comfort to me, as is my Guardian angel, so I prayed that the Lord send me the protection from all negative evil forces directed at me. Peace came flooding back to me. I knew there was something wonderful in store for me at this prayer day.

As I entered in to the hotel there were lots of middle-aged and older people, not a young person in sight. They were all up dancing going mental, shouting, praising, speaking in tongues, crying, laughing, raising their hands in the air, smiling into my face, wow..... it was like a scene from the movie;- 'One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest' I was going to kill my friend...seriously are you having a laugh?!

I tried to find my friend and at last saw her right in the middle of the people dancing like it was 1999, she was so in for it.......

I gathered my thoughts on how I was going to tell her how angry I was but somehow I didn't want to take that wonderful smile from her face. She was somewhere were I wanted to be, happy, joyful, carefree and filled with the Holy Spirit.

I had a choice and I knew it, I turned to the Lord, Dear Jesus I am so uncomfortable with all this, but I know I am here because you want me here, help me to overcome my fears, and open my heart to things that are uncomfortable to me and so I did just that.

Smiling, I greeted the friendly faces who welcomed me, I let down my guard and allowed myself to be open to the experience, to learn something new from The Lord. During the day we sang, listened to readings from the bible about the Power of Praise and how by praising we allow God to dwell among us, WHAT ???? Dwell among us? YES, GOD inhabits our praises (Psalm 22:3).

This was indeed news to me, the more the speaker, 'Maria Vadia'

informed us about the power of praise, the more excited I became, eventually I understood fully!

Walking away from that prayer day I knew I would never be the same.

I was hungry for more. When we praise the enemy flees, he cannot bear the joyful praises of us, Gods' children. In fact we clear the atmosphere of evil spirits, allowing God to dwell among us. Hallelujah.

This indeed was a weapon, and one I never used before, well not knowingly, but from now on, I will be & often!

Each morning now I would wake up and have a song in my heart for the Lord, no matter how I felt, I would force it out of my mouth. I learned that to sing Praise to the Lord, first thing in the morning was the way to start my day, then, Bible reading, conversation with meditation, intercession and finally, Thanksgiving. Maria Vadia who's video I will post along with this blog, was an inspiration. God wants us to make war with our enemies, the evil spirits around us, Ephesians 6:12

Do not think that this is an easy task! The enemy tries to stop us from finding our peace, it is first a battle in the mind. Force all negative thoughts from your head. When we know we are at war, spiritual warfare, we realise that we need every help The Lord gives us.

Praise and Thanksgiving..........Put on the Armour of God

Praise and Thanksgiving go hand in hand, if you want to move mountains in your life, or move them for someone else, then I suggest you Praise and Thank God.

Dance with all your might, be a clown for Christ, and allow yourself to be filled with The Holy Spirit of God.

You will see the Awesome power of God move in your life.

Here below is a link to Maria Vadia.

Praise and Thanksgiving to you O Lord.

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