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I wanted to start this blog from the bottom up in a sense, by asking a few basic questions.

Who are we?

What is our purpose here on this earth?

BIG QUESTIONS, here are my little answers.

Let's start with number one shall we?

In today's world we are bombarded with pressure to mega achieve,

to be the best,

the richest,

the most beautiful,

the most popular.

Isn't this so? Well i say NO....and I mean that!

In today's world we have lost our purpose in what life is ALL about.

Our purpose is to love, have mercy, give forgiveness, show kindness, be generous, practise patience, etc.

These are the real jewels worth so much more that any gold or diamonds. They are the treasures of the soul. This is who we are called to be. Every single one of us. This is who we are.

Our purpose on this earth is to learn, to experience love and to give love. I know this isn't always the easiest thing to achieve but when we walk with Christ we become just like him. Have you ever noticed that when you are with kind, gentle people you also act in the same manner? The reverse of that is when you are involved with people who are nasty, arrogant and down right hateful, it sort of rubs of on you, until you walk away from them.

God is Love, pure love and he calls us to be just like him,

That is WHO WE ARE, that is, WHO GOD WANTS US TO BE.

Life passes so quickly for all of us , don't waste your time, it is precious! Live your dreams, ask Jesus to walk with you at every moment, don't leave him out of your life. Value each day, it is his gift. His gift to you! No matter where you are at in life, you can turn it around to great purpose, His purpose.

Love, you were created to love.

Love in your talents.

Love in your friendships.

Love in your family.

Love when hardships fall upon you.

Love when you can't love.

This is how we will change this world. Through Love. We see our true purpose in JESUS CHRISTS LOVE.

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