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Do Catholics actually worship Idols? Lets lay the myth to rest.....

Firstly, We Catholics Love The Father, The son, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.

Three Divine persons in one.

We love Gods word and strive to live by it.

We do NOT, believe that to revere or bless ourselves or stand back in awe when passing an Image of God or Gods sanctified ones, the Saints, is an act of idolatry, it is merely an acknowledgement of Gods Love made visible through the talented hands of an artist.

Its a very beautiful thing to be reminded of Gods loving presence through works of art, song dance etc. and of course all the gifts of nature. Indeed God is all around us forever calling us to see him in all the beautiful things he created and that he creates through us his children, for his glory.

That is why we build churches, and decorate them beautifully to honour him, but we all know God cannot be contained in a mere building, He is also everywhere, on a mountain, in the flowing of a river, in a blade of grass, in the early morning breeze or the beautiful evening sunset....God is indeed everywhere.

One can also see God in the works of skillful talented hands.

Leonardo Da Vinci, for one example, gives us such beautiful works of mastery and beauty that simply speaks of the majesty of God.

God is also present when we sing together Praising Him, God inhabits our praises, psalms 22:3.

Do we Catholics revere the marble that the image is carved on? Certainly not, this notion is totally ridiculous and nonsense to say the least.

Everyone, I am sure, has a photograph of a loved one now deceased which they have framed and put in a place of honour in their home, do they idolise that photo? No they do not! It is a reminder of the love they have for that person, it is merely an image of one they loved, now gone back to the Lord, there is no crime in that.

But I will say this final thing. IDOLS are money, greed, selfishness, hate, envy, sloth, and a million other things we put before loving and serving the Lord.

Love the Lord and appreciate the work of his hands through us his children.

Remember Christ has no body now but yours, you are his hands , his feet, be Christ ambassador and appreciate the work of his hands, use your talents to build the Kingdom of God.

See with better eyes, let everything be for the Glory of the Lord, just as it should be.

God Bless you.

John Emmanuel

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