• John Emmanuel

New but not new Singer Songwriter....John Emmanuel, Catholic singer songwriter

For the last few years I decided to continue to pursue creating music. Firstly because I have a deep rooted belief this is something that Jesus Christ is asking me to fulfil in my life. And for many years, I like many others struggled with the hardships of life and didnt have the time. It isnt always easy to put your creative passions first. Now I feel different, the music in my life has a purpose. Put it this way, if I were to give up I know I would regreat it for the rest of my life.

So that decision brings me to ask myself a question "what do I think I am going to achieve"?

I will answer it this way. My past efforts in performing and creating music were maybe the happiest times I had. And I, like many others were promised the sun, the moon and the stars...... still waiting for those golden oppertunities. With age comes a realisation that recognition is not the only goal. Simply to do and keep going is now an integral part of my journey. I enjoy those moments when I hear a tune in my head and record it on my phone and then discern, if this has potential and if not discard it...for the time being. I have learned to be honest with what I do and how I do it. That takes time.

John Emmanuel Music is a platform for showcasing my new songs as well as listening to well known christian hymns and contemporary catholic music that I have recorded through the years.

For bookings please contact me via or email Please also subscribe to this website for all updates.

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