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Creating and Writing Music, Your Way. by John Emmanuel, Catholic Singer/Songwriter

There is never a right or wrong way to write about ones feelings or experiances but to be a lyricist you have to learn how to get your message across in two fundamental ways.

Firstly do the lyrics fit the tune? Many times I have had lyrics that flowed the way I wanted them to but other times it takes a lot of work, time and soul searching to find alternative lyrics that still keep the integrity of your original composition. Be open to explore and allow the confusion, the dust will settle and you will see the song.

Secondly write from your heart and soul. For many years I tried to write songs and lyrics from other peoples perspective, is this right? is it comercial? will people relate to it? is it pleasing? I was a crowd pleaser. And although music must be pleasing to the listener however you will never be satisfied if you don not put yourself completely into the truth of the piece. Be honest and take good advice from only those who know your voice and support you in your work.

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