John Emmanuel Started his singing career performing in Theatre productions all over Ireland, touring with the Ulster Theatre Company back in the 90s and performing  in productions of Godspell, Oklahoma, A chorus line and Grease.

John Emmanuel went on to direct and produce his own Musicals and Pantos, writing his original songs Producing Concert nights and Tours with Ulsters, Premier Musical company.

His Singing career took a step up when He became the front man for Local Band, Wanderluste,

A celtic fusion of original and cover songs.

This gave John Emmanuel the 

opportunity to perform in concert with 

Irish Acts, such as Tommy Flemming, Bagatelle etc.

Sharing the stage in Belfast on St Patricks Day to a crowd of fifty thousand with, Girls aloud and Shane mc Gowan from The Pogues, to name but a few.

Wanderlust were invited to perform at the opening of Belfasts Waterfront Hall and  performed their version of The  corrs, My fathers wings to a standing ovation.

Their released album, entitled Sink or Swim, was recorded over a 10-month period at the Dublin home studio of the band Kila. This album was commercially guided by Thomas Black from RTE's You're A Star, produced by Larry Hogan and Lance Hogan from Kila and co-produced by the band themselves.

John Emmanuel....Those were wonderful days Recording in Kildare. The passion for learning and developing recording skill and working with Fantastic musicians, all have helped mould me into singer, song writer I am today, but nothing would quench my thirst for longing to sing and record songs of Faith, my first Love.

John Emmanuel....Singing in church each Sunday was the Highlight of my week.

Taking old standards of Christian songs and reinventing them was a delight, I could really identify with the lyrics, the haunting melodies and joyful Praises. Working with innovative musicians we would transform each hymn to suit our musical style, and my voice.

These were days of great Happiness and deep Joy for me.

Singing for The Lord stayed with me, an aching in my heart, that would not go away. It would be many years later that I would finally accept the challenge and commit totally, to the call of

Christian music ministry within my Church.

You see I was searching , doubting I had a vocation, so eventually I contacted  Legendary singer songwriter, John Michael Talbot, who was an inspiration to me. His advice was to not give up recording my own music and to start singing in my own church, so I went back to my roots and joined the  Cantóirí choir, were I am today.

A school Teacher I knew, used to say...

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

This has never left me, and now, I give all that I am to, Praying, Listening and being motivated by the Lord in My Daily Life and in writing, singing and producing music.

At Present John Emmanuel is working and recording a collection of Christian songs, that have come through prayer, inspired by Jesus Christ...


John Emmanuel...It was at Easter 2017 I heard the Lord prompting me deep within my heart through prayer to, Sing Out.........What Lord, are you Mad!

I Had given up on thinking about singing..

Years of Hard knocks, disappointments and Life took me in other directions, but I could not ignore that still small voice inside me, Calling me .....To Sing, to write.

The challenge to step out, Be Brave, Take Risks and use my Talents and Abilities to Help others,To Trust in him completely....

You see I found out , eventually, Life isn't just about me, but what I give to others.

As I walk this path of rediscovering music with Jesus, I invite you to Journey along with us.

To sing songs of praise, Joy, hope and of love.

We are all called to Build His Kingdom , To Evangelise , to use our Talents, no more sitting on the fence.

Lets get up and do something wonderful for Jesus.

Together let us Sing a new song to the lord......


May God Bless you


John Emmanuel 

John Emmanuel is currently available for....

Wedding and Funeral services throughout Northern Ireland. He is a Cantor for his local parish of Carryduff & Drumbo. For Bookings please email or call

07835168622 for Bookings

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